Get the Protection You Need

Colorado law gives you the right to obtain a civil protection order, sometimes called a restraining order, to protect yourself from stalking, domestic violence, and physical assaults. Protection orders can be obtained in the course of other proceedings (such as a divorce, other family law proceeding, or criminal process) or separately through an independent civil process.

Civil protection orders can be temporary or permanent. A temporary protection order can be obtained very quickly and immediately goes into place while granted. You can then request that this temporary order be made permanent.

Unfortunately, victims of domestic violence, stalking, or other harassment don’t often recognize how quickly these situations can escalate into life-threatening danger. It is important that you immediately protect you and your loved ones, including your children if someone has threatened you or physically hurt you or your children.

If you left the home you shared with the person you are trying to restrain, the court will also order a “save the peace” visit during which you will be allowed to return to that location, under police supervision, to retrieve your belongings.

You can contact the firm to find out if you have grounds to obtain a civil protection. If you already have a temporary protection order in place, we can help you navigate the court process to make it permanent.

Our usual rates are as follows and are flat fees:

  • $950 for a Temporary Protection Order application, appearance at the initial hearing, and coordinating service of process.

  • $2,500 for a Temporary Protection order & Permanent Protection Order

  • $2,950 for a Temporary Protection Order & Permanent Protection Order and Cross-Permanent Protection Order

Flat Fees DO NOT include costs associated with a case such as service of process, case access fees, and filing fees.



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