Standing Up to Domestic Abusers

Intimate partner abuse, also called domestic abuse, comes in many forms. It can be violent, as is often discussed, or it can be more subtle, expressing itself in the form of emotional, psychological, or financial abuse. Fundamentally, all of these forms of abuse have one thing in common: control of the victim. We at Carminati Law PLLC understand this and are uniquely equipped to assist you.

We understand that an abusive partner destroys a victim’s sense of self, sense of worth, and even sense of reality. From gaslighting to coercive behavior, we know how to explain the methods and techniques used by abusers to exercise power and control. Domestic abuse does not look the same for everyone. We are also familiar with victims’ counter intuitive behavior, which often creates challenges for victims explaining theirs situation.

Victims of sexual violence are often accused of fabrication, false accusations, and are placed under surreal scrutiny. They are also held to standards of perfection imposed on no other litigant. We at Carminati Law PLLC understand all of this and the bottom line is this: we don’t care. We will fight for victims of domestic abuse, including domestic violence. We do so because perpetrators must be held accountable for their actions and because victims deserve to have their voices heard.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic abuse, domestic violence, or intimate partner abuse, we are ready and able to take your case. We can offer family law representation, protection order litigation, or civil suit litigation.

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