Transparency Above All

We've all heard about horror stories when it comes to divorces. At The Woman's Lawyer, we have multiple payment arrangements, based on the type of matter and client finances.

Standard Arrangement

$5,000 advance, replenished automatically when the balance falls under $1,000. Attorney hourly rates are $275 to $325 an hour.

Low-Income Arrangement

$2,500 advance, replenished every two weeks in small increments. Attorney hourly rates are $225 to $250 an hour.

Local Counsel

$350 an hour, with no advance or retainer, paid monthly.

1-Hour Consultation

If you are unsure whether you are ready to hire the firm, we also offer a 1-hour paid consultation. For $285 you can send paperwork and we can go over it with you during a 1-hour in-person meeting. If you decide to hire us after that, we will credit $150 back to your account.

If you are ready for the 1-hour consultation, schedule it today.

Flat Fees and Unbundled Services

The firm wants to provide assistance to you. In order to do that, we offer unbundled legal services as well as full representation on a flat fee basis. This creates predictability and flexibility. Our price list is available and transparent.



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